Julkaisu: Students’ City 2019 summary

The Opiskelijan kaupunki (Students’ City) project produces research data on students in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The study examines the views of students in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area on housing, urban planning, transport and participation within the area. It also examines experiences of independent study and the employment of international students. The survey was conducted in the spring and summer of 2019, and the study report was published in December 2019. The study is a follow-up to the 2015 Students’ City Survey, which was conducted for the first time in that year.

The study is divided into two parts: a questionnaire and workshops. On this occasion, the survey was extended beyond the 2015 version, which included workshops and a questionnaire. The questionnaire was sent to 1,541 students in April 2019, 594 of whom responded. This extract from the questionnaire is based on the Student Barometer carried out during the same spring, the respondents and target group members of which were asked for permission to be sent the Students’ City questionnaire. The survey’s themes are housing, transport and participation. In addition, a map section was attached to the end of the survey, in which respondents could mark their responses on a map.

As well as the questionnaire, the survey includes workshops on two different themes: independent study among university students and the employment of international university students.

This summary presents parts of each theme of the study.